CVS is an open source version control system.

In addition to the standard version control system functions described in Use common VCS Functions, you can select Tools > CVS > Edit to set a file as writable, notify watchers that the file is being edited, and watch for actions performed on the file by other users.

To discard the changes that you made in a file, notify watchers that the file is no longer being edited, and set the file as read-only, select Unedit.

To unedit files in the local directory, as well as recursively in all subdirectories, select Unedit Repository.

CVS Preferences

To set CVS preferences, select Preferences > Version Control > CVS:

{CVS preferences}

  • CVS Command specifies the path to the command-line client executable.
  • CVS root specifies the CVS root.
  • Timeout sets a timeout for version control operations.
  • Diff options sets preferences for viewing diff output.
  • Describe all files matching commit id annotates all files that belong to the commit.

See also Set up version control systems, Use common VCS functions, and Version Control Systems.

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