Qt Creator Fossil Plugin Manual

Fossil is an open source distributed version control system, designed and developed by the creator of SQLite. A stand-alone Fossil executable contains a source control management engine, web interface, issue tracker, wiki, and built-in web server. Fossil is available for Linux, Windows, and macOS.

To use Fossil from Qt Creator, you must install and configure it, as described in the following sections.

Configuring Fossil

  1. Download the Fossil SCM client and install the fossil executable file in your PATH.
  2. Create or designate a directory to store local Fossil repositories and remote clones. For example: ~/fossils/qt.
  3. Configure Version Control Options for the Fossil plugin to use the designated directory as Local Repositories Default path.

Now Fossil should become available as a VCS choice to create new local repositories, as well as a choice in New File or Project to clone a remote Fossil repository.

Additional Fossil Functions

In addition to the standard version control system functions described in Using Version Control Systems, the Fossil submenu contains the following items:

Menu ItemDescription
PullPull changes from the remote repository.
PushPush committed changes to the remote repository.
UpdateChange the version of the current checkout. Any uncommitted changes are retained and applied to the new checkout.
SettingsConfigure the settings of the local repository.

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