What's New in 2.1

Qt Quick Ultralite maintains source compatibility between minor releases. However, some changes may require you to adapt the application code accordingly. The following sections highlight such changes:

New features

  • Added support for Run Length Encoding (RLE) pixel formats, enabling another compression method for PNG. They can be enabled by setting the QUL_RESOURCE_IMAGE_PIXEL_FORMAT source file property to either XRGB8888RLE or ARGB8888RLE for opaque and non-opaque images respectively.
  • Updated the Qul::Application class with an additional constructor that accepts an ApplicationConfiguration instance to configure text cache.
  • Added support for RLE-compressed image layers on Renesas RH850.
  • Added the AutomaticCompressedLossless pixel format option to QUL_RESOURCE_IMAGE_PIXEL_FORMAT, together with the QUL_PLATFORM_DEFAULT_RESOURCE_COMPRESSED_LOSSLESS_PIXEL_FORMAT_ALPHA and QUL_PLATFORM_DEFAULT_RESOURCE_COMPRESSED_LOSSLESS_PIXEL_FORMAT_OPAQUE CMake variables. It enables the resource compiler to automatically choose the pixel format for lossless compression based on the platform defaults.
  • Added the freertos_app_switch example, demonstrating how to switch between a Qt Quick Ultralite application and another one using soft Reset.
  • Optimized binding template instantiations, reducing the code size considerably. The code size reduction could be 3%-15%, depending on on the tool chain and application.
  • Dropped leading (font metric) in the text layout for Text and StaticText items, ensuring that the text layout is compatible with Qt Quick.
  • Add documentation for framebuffers.
  • Added support for eliding single and multi-line texts.
  • Added the freertos_app_switch example to demonstrate how to switch between a Qt Quick Ultralite and non-Qt Quick Ultralite application.

Fixed issues

Qt for MCUs v2.1.0

  • Fixed unexpected behavior on the NXP boards due to unsupported color depth. Added checks to ensure that the given color depth is supported on the board.
  • Fixed property aliases to ensure that they can be used with the scale and rotation properties too.
  • Removed check for paths above the project root from the qul_add_resource implementation. It is now possible to include a resource that lives outside the project tree with the BASE path.
  • Fixed 1px offset issue in a StaticText item when used with the static font engine.
  • Fixed rendering issues on RT1170 while filling a vector image.
  • Removed the logic to center the window from the RH850 platform port, as this is handled by Qt Quick Ultralite Core. The layer example centers the window by default.
  • Updated documentation to include correct NXP SDK path.
  • Fixed the template for Slider to ensure that the handle is centered on the Slider.
  • Fixed STM platform ports for FreeRTOS to ensure that they initialize suspension properly.
  • Fixed flickering ImageLayer artifacts on RH850 due to memory bandwidth limitations. This can be avoided by placing resources in the VRAM. See Loading resources to VRAM for more information.
  • Fixed issues related to hardware performance logging on FreeRTOS.
  • Excluded the multiscreen example from the prebuilt examples for RH850.
  • Fixed the interrupt_handler example halting on NXP RT1050 with FreeRTOS.
  • Fixed SwipeView animation halting on tapping the screen during the animation.

Qt for MCUs v2.1.1

  • Ensured that the item layer's contents are rendered only if the layer is enabled.
  • Fixed incorrect type selection of glyph offset by the fontcompiler.
  • Fixed issues related to flashing the thermo demo by enabling resource compression on RT1064.
  • Fixed issues related to Qt Online Installer content for the Qt for Device Creation Enterprise and Professional licenses. For more information, see Licensing Model.
  • Fixed linking issues related to the MonotypeSpark and MonotypeSparkAligned libraries.
  • Fixed display artifacts on NXP 1170 while running the swipe game demo.

New APIs

APIs for application development

New Classes

New Member Functions

Class ApplicationConfiguration:

void setTextCacheEnabled(bool value)
void setTextCacheSize(int size)
bool textCacheEnabled() const
int textCacheSize() const

New QML Properties

QML Type Text:

elide : enumeration

APIs for platform development

New Global Functions

Rh850::Configuration::LayerType layerType(int layerIndex)
void setLayerType(int layerIndex, Rh850::Configuration::LayerType layerType)

New Enum Types

enum LayerType { Sprite, Rle }

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