The output directory for IDE project files.


Specify where to output the generated IDE project files. The default location for generated project files is <outdir>/<ProjectType> (for example <outdir>/GHS).

This command-line argument overrides the default location.

Note: This argument has no effect if the --project-type is none.


// This will place IDE project files in "{CurrentWorkingDirectory}/custom"
// and use the default location relative to "{CurrentWorkingDirectory}/output-dir"
// for other parts of the project
qmlprojectexporter --project-type ghs --outdir output-dir --project-outdir custom --platform rh850-d1m1a-baremetal --toolchain ghs my_project.qmlproject


This option was introduced in Qt for MCUs 2.5.

See also qmlprojectexporter, Exporting a Qt for MCUs project with platform sources, and --outdir.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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