StrokeProperties Struct

struct Qul::PlatformInterface::StrokeProperties

A struct specifying the stroke properties of a path. More...

Header: #include <platforminterface/drawingengine.h>
Since: Qt Quick Ultralite (Platform) 1.8

Public Variables

Qul::PlatformInterface::LineCapStyle lineCapStyle
Qul::PlatformInterface::LineJoinStyle lineJoinStyle
float miterLimit
float width

Detailed Description

The stroke properties specify the appearance of the stroke of a path, including the width, miter limit, line cap style and line join style.

Member Variable Documentation

Qul::PlatformInterface::LineCapStyle StrokeProperties::lineCapStyle

This variable holds the line cap style of the stroke.

Qul::PlatformInterface::LineJoinStyle StrokeProperties::lineJoinStyle

This variable holds the line join style of the stroke.

float StrokeProperties::miterLimit

This variable holds the miter limit of the stroke.

The miter limit describes how far a miter join can extend from the join point. This is used to reduce artifacts between line joins where the lines are close to parallel.

This value does only have effect when the line join style is set to Qul::PlatformInterface::MiterJoin. The value is specified in units of the line width, e.g. a miter limit of 5 in width 10 is 50 pixels long.

float StrokeProperties::width

This variable holds the line width of the stroke.

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