Define the asset's storage section


This property can be used to define a memory section that the image assets should be stored in. It takes a string value, and its default value is "QulResourceData".

Note: The given section must appear in the linker script. See Linker script setup for more information.


ImageFiles {
    MCU.resourceStorageSection: "QulResourceData"

Note: This property can also be applied to every image resource in the QmlProject file if defined in MCU.Config as follows:

MCU.Config {
    resourceStorageSection: "QulResourceData"


This property was introduced in QmlProject API 1.3 .

See also Linker script setup, ImageFiles.MCU.resourceCachePolicy, ImageFiles.MCU.resourceRuntimeAllocationType, Qt Quick Ultralite image caching, ImageFiles.MCU.resourceCompression, and QUL_RESOURCE_STORAGE_SECTION.

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