Support for Qt for MCUs

Standard and Premium support

Qt offers product support at different levels to help you solve technical challenges. For an overview on different support levels and best practices, see Qt Support.

Support duration

A Qt for MCUs version is available under Standard or Premium support for a limited duration only. Starting from Qt for MCUs v2.0.0, regular and Long Term Support (LTS) versions (x.y.0) are supported for six (6) and eighteen (18) months respectively. The support duration for both regular and LTS versions begins from the release date.

Note: If you need support for an older version that is no longer supported, purchase extended support. Extended support allows you to ask questions and report issues on that specific version.

VersionRelease dateStandard Support untilExtended Support availability
2.0 (2.0.1)2021-12-21EndedYes
2.1 (2.1.1)2022-03-31EndedYes
2.2 (LTS)2022-06-15EndedYes
2.5 (LTS)2023-06-142024-12-14Yes

Qt for MCUs forum

You can also post questions to and get answers from the Qt community on the dedicated Qt for MCUs forum (https://forum.qt.io/category/62/qt-for-mcus).

Reporting issues or suggestions

Use the Qt Account Support Center (https://account.qt.io/support) to report issues and suggestions for Qt for MCUs. Make sure you provide the following information in your report or suggestion, so that it can be addressed quickly:

  • Target hardware and operating system
  • Compiler used
  • Minimal example code
  • Steps to reproduce the issue
  • Expected result
  • Stack trace for crashes
  • A dump of the framebuffer for visual issues and artifacts

License agreements and service terms

You can find the latest updates to the Qt license agreements, support terms, and support conditions for the Qt account, in License Agreements and Service Terms.

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