Qt Quick Ultralite Thermostat Demo

Demonstrates a pure QML-based application built using Qt Quick Ultralite.


This example showcases multiple aspects that developers might face while working on production ready applications:

  • Handling different target display resolutions in a single application
  • Translating applications built with Qt Quick Ultralite (English, German, Japanese, Arabic, Thai and Hindi)
  • Localizing applications by using different units (metric and imperial)

By default EK-RA6M3G uses Static font engine and languages with complex scripts are disabled. In this demo the font engine can be selected with -DFONT_ENGINE=Static/Spark.

Target platforms

  • EK-RA6M3G
  • MIMXRT1050
  • MIMXRT1060
  • MIMXRT1064
  • STM32F469i
  • STM32F769i
  • STM32H750b


Thermostat Demo for small screens

Thermostat Demo for large screens



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