class QFrameAction#

Provides a way to have a synchronous function executed each frame. More

Inheritance diagram of PySide6.Qt3DLogic.Qt3DLogic.QFrameAction





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Detailed Description#

The QFrameAction provides a way to perform tasks each frame in a synchronized way with the Qt3D backend. This is useful to implement some aspects of application logic and to prototype functionality that can later be folded into an additional Qt3D aspect.

For example, the QFrameAction can be used to animate a property in sync with the Qt3D engine where a Qt Quick animation element is not perfectly synchronized and may lead to stutters in some cases.

To execute your own code each frame connect to the triggered signal.



Constructs a new QFrameAction instance with parent parent.


dt – float

This signal is emitted each frame with dt being the time (in seconds) since the last triggering.