class QQmlImageProviderBase#

The QQmlImageProviderBase class is used to register image providers in the QML engine. More

Inheritance diagram of PySide6.QtQml.QQmlImageProviderBase

Inherited by: QQuickImageProvider, QQuickAsyncImageProvider


Virtual methods#


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Detailed Description#

Image providers must be registered with the QML engine. The only information the QML engine knows about image providers is the type of image data they provide. To use an image provider to acquire image data, you must cast the QQmlImageProviderBase pointer to a QQuickImageProvider pointer.

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class ImageType#

Defines the type of image supported by this image provider.




The Image Provider provides QImage images. The QQuickImageProvider::requestImage() method will be called for all image requests.


The Image Provider provides QPixmap images. The QQuickImageProvider::requestPixmap() method will be called for all image requests.


The Image Provider provides QSGTextureProvider based images. The QQuickImageProvider::requestTexture() method will be called for all image requests.


The Image provider provides QQuickTextureFactory based images. Should only be used in QQuickAsyncImageProvider or its subclasses. The QQuickAsyncImageProvider::requestImageResponse() method will be called for all image requests. Since Qt 5.6

class Flag#

(inherits enum.Flag) Defines specific requirements or features of this image provider.




Ensures that image requests to the provider are run in a separate thread, which allows the provider to spend as much time as needed on producing the image without blocking the main thread.

abstract flags()#
Return type:

Combination of Flag

Implement this to return the properties of this image provider.

abstract imageType()#
Return type:


Implement this method to return the image type supported by this image provider.