class QWebEngineClientCertificateStore#

The QWebEngineClientCertificateStore class provides an in-memory store for client certificates. More




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Detailed Description#

The class allows to store client certificates in an in-memory store. When a web site requests an SSL client certificate, the selectClientCertificate signal is emitted with matching certificates from the native certificate store or the in-memory store.

The class instance can be obtained with the clientCertificateStore() method.

QFile certFile(":/resouces/certificate.crt");;
const QSslCertificate cert(certFile.readAll(), QSsl::Pem);

QFile keyFile(":/resources/privatekey.key");;
const QSslKey sslKey(keyFile.readAll(), QSsl::Rsa, QSsl::Pem, QSsl::PrivateKey, "");

QWebEngineProfile profile;
profile.clientCertificateStore()->add(cert, sslKey);
add(certificate, privateKey)#

Adds a certificate with the privateKey to the in-memory client certificate store.

Return type:

.list of QSslCertificate

Returns a list of the client certificates in the in-memory store. Returns an empty list if the store does not contain any certificates.


Clears all the client certificates from the in-memory store.



Deletes all the instances of the client certificate in the in-memory client certificate store that matches the certificate certificate.