QML Global Object#

Description of the Qml Global Object

The QML JavaScript host environment implements the following host objects and functions. They are built-in, so you can use them from any JavaScript code loaded in QML, without additional imports:

  • The Qt object : A QML object that offers helper methods and properties specific to the QML environment.

  • qsTr() , qsTranslate() , qsTrId() , qsTrNoOp() , qsTranslateNoOp() , qsTrIdNoOp() functions: QML functions that let you translate strings and string literals in the QML environment.

  • gc() function: A QML function that manually triggers garbage collection.

  • print() function: A QML function that prints output to the console.

  • The console object: Implements a subset of the FireBug Console API .

  • XMLHttpRequest , DOMException: Implements a subset of the W3C XMLHttpRequest specification .


You cannot use the globalObject() function to change the global object of a QQmlEngine . For more information, see JavaScript Environment Restrictions .