Reporting Bugs and Change Requests

Note: From Qt Safe Renderer 2.0 onwards, visibility of new Qt Safe Renderer bug reports and changes requests are restricted and only The Qt Company employees can access those. The Qt Safe Renderer development team updates bugs and change requests public if needed.

Reporting Bugs and Change Requests via Support Team

If you are our commercial customer, and you want to suggest a change in the existing functionality or report a Qt bug concerning some supported target device or host platform, we recommend you to contact our support team. For more information, see Qt Support. Qt Consulting Services can help you with the bugs and suggestions that concern some non-supported target device or host platform.

You can also report bugs and suggestions yourself as instructed in Using Qt Bug Tracker.

Using Qt Bug Tracker

All Qt bugs and change requests are reported and tracked in Qt Bug Tracker. In Qt Bug Tracker, the change requests are called suggestions.

Before you can report a new Qt bug or a suggestion, you need to log in to Qt Qt Bug Tracker. To log in, select Log In (1) in the upper-right corner of the Qt Bug Tracker.

Report a new bug report or a suggestion with the following steps:

  • Select Report a bug (2).
  • In Create Issue, select Qt Safe Renderer to Project.
  • If you want to report a new suggestion, select Suggestion to Issue Type.
  • If you want to report a new bug report, select Bug to Issue Type.

  • Select Next.
  • Fill in the information. The mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk.
  • Select Create.

Searching Existing Bugs and Suggestions

In order to see the existing Qt bugs and suggestions, you do not need to log in to Qt Bug Tracker. You can filter the existing Qt Safe Renderer bugs and suggestions with the following steps:

  1. Select Find existing bugs (3).
  2. In the Search view, filter the Qt Safe Renderer issues with the following steps:
    • Select Qt Safe Renderer under Project.
    • Select Search.

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