Running Examples on QNX

See Building for QNX for instructions how to build the examples for QNX.

Telltales Example

Telltales for QNX is designed to be used parallel with the Qt Cluster example. You can run the Telltales example in your QNX target device as follows:

#Start the Telltales example
./qnx &

qnx is the QNX part of Telltales. The safe layout data is generated by Qt Safe Layout Tool. Layout data is included into the QNX binary as a resource file.

Qt Cluster Example

You can run the Qt Cluster example in your QNX target device by starting Process Watcher as follows:

#Start the Process Watcher
./processwatcher <path to deployed Qt Cluster> &

Process Watcher starts the Qt Cluster example. <path to deployed Qt Cluster> is a path to the deployed Qt Cluster.

You can demonstrate a failure by clicking an item in the UI. The mouse click event triggers a memory violation so that the QML runtime crashes.

After running the command, an error message appears and Qt Safe Renderer restarts Qt Cluster.

Value Source process

The Valuesource application demonstrates how to connect system events to the Qt Safe Renderer state manager. The value source process randomly triggers items in the Telltales application by using the messaging interface.

#Start the valuesource
./valuesource &

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