Getting Started with Qt Safe Renderer

This topic guides how to get started with Qt Safe Renderer development:

What's Included in Qt Safe Renderer

Qt Safe Renderer cointains Qt Safe Renderer Runtime component and Qt Safe Renderer tools. These are introduced in Qt Safe Renderer Software Components.

How to Setup Development Environment

Required Qt tools:

To setup the development environment for Qt Safe Renderer, you need to install Qt, Qt Creator, and Qt Design Studio:

  • The Qt Safe Renderer tools are compiled against Qt. By default, the Qt Safe Renderer installation provides binaries for the Qt version defined in Supported Qt and Qt Tools Versions.
  • With Qt Creator, you can create projects that contain your safety-critical UI files and application logic.
  • With Qt Design Studio, you can create safety-critical UI files.

Supported Qt and Qt Tools Versions lists the supported version of Qt, Qt Creator, and Qt Design Studio and other information related to the supported Qt Safe Renderer development environment.

Install Qt Safe Renderer and Qt tools:

Install Qt Safe Renderer as instructed in Installing Qt Safe Renderer.

Note: You must separately install Qt, Qt Design Studio, and Qt Creator! These are not automatically installed when you install Qt Safe Renderer. Also, if you install Qt Safe Renderer MinGW binaries, the MinGW tools are not automatically installed.

Verify your installation by compiling and running the Qt Safe Renderer Indicators example as instructed in Verifying Environment.

How to Create New Projects

In Qt Creator, Qt Safe Renderer provides a project template that you can use for creating new Qt Safe Renderer projects. For more information, see Using Qt Safe Renderer Project Template in Qt Creator. The generated project contains the most important Qt Safe Renderer variables and provides a base for your projects.

Enabling Qt Safe Renderer in Project provides detailed information about Qt Safe Renderer projects.

How to Add Safety-Critical UI to Your Project

You can add safety-critical UI to your Qt Safe Renderer project via UI files that use Safety-Critical QML Types. Create the UI files with Qt Design Studio as instructed in UI Files in Qt Design Studio.

Adding UI Files to Project guides how to add the UI files to a Qt Creator project.

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