AbstractFrameBuffer Class

class SafeRenderer::AbstractFrameBuffer

The AbstractFrameBuffer class provides an interface for accessing the system's frame buffer. More...

Header: #include <AbstractFrameBuffer>

Public Types

enum PixelFormat { RGBA8888, RGB565_LE, RGBA8888_LE, ARGB32 }

Public Functions

virtual SafeRenderer::quint32 bytesPerLine() = 0

Detailed Description

When you are integrating Qt Safe Renderer to your system, you must implement a class that is inherited from the AbstractFrameBuffer class. The inherited class must provide an implementation for the rendering functionality in AbstractFrameBuffer.

Qt Safe Renderer examples provide reference AbstractFrameBuffer implementations for the QNX screen, INTEGRITY for Renesas H3, and the Qt-based window.

Member Type Documentation

enum AbstractFrameBuffer::PixelFormat

This enum describes the supported surface formats.

SafeRenderer::AbstractFrameBuffer::RGBA88881RGBA8888 32-bit RGBA8888 surface in big-endian order, i.e. physically in memory: rrrrrrrrrgggggggggbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaa.
SafeRenderer::AbstractFrameBuffer::RGB565_LE0RGB565_LE 16-bit RGB565 surface in little-endian order, i.e. physically in memory: gggbbbbbrrrrrbbb.
SafeRenderer::AbstractFrameBuffer::RGBA8888_LE2RGBA8888_LE 32-bit RGBA8888_LE surface in little-endian order, i.e. physically in memory: aaaaaaaabbbbbbbbggggggggrrrrrrrr.
SafeRenderer::AbstractFrameBuffer::ARGB323ARGB32 32-bit ARGB surface in native-endian order, i.e. in big-endian system aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggggbbbbbbbb and in little-endian bbbbbbbbggggggggrrrrrrrraaaaaaaa.

Member Function Documentation

[pure virtual] SafeRenderer::quint32 AbstractFrameBuffer::bytesPerLine()

Returns the length of the scan line in bytes.

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