EventSenderException Class

class SafeRenderer::EventSenderException

An instance of EventSenderException class is thrown in case of errors. More...

Header: #include <EventSenderException>
Since: QtSafeRenderer 2.1
Inherits: SafeRenderer::QSafeException

Public Types

enum EventSenderExceptionId { FailedToReceiveMessage, FailedToSendMessage, FailedToCloseEventQueue, FailedToOpenEventQueue }

Detailed Description

An instance of EventSenderException class is thrown if an error occurs in the event sending or in the other cases which cannot be recovered from.

Member Type Documentation

enum EventSenderException::EventSenderExceptionId

This enum describes the id of a thrown event sender exception.

SafeRenderer::EventSenderException::FailedToReceiveMessage0Failed to receive message from the event queue
SafeRenderer::EventSenderException::FailedToSendMessage1Failed to send a message to the event queue
SafeRenderer::EventSenderException::FailedToCloseEventQueue2Failed to close the event queue
SafeRenderer::EventSenderException::FailedToOpenEventQueue3Failed to open the event queue

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