EventSenderException Class

class SafeRenderer::EventSenderException

An instance of EventSenderException class is thrown in case of errors. More...

Header: #include <EventSenderException>
Since: QtSafeRenderer 2.1

Public Functions

EventSenderException(const char *const reasonArg)
const char *what() const

Detailed Description

An instance of EventSenderException class is thrown if an error occurs in the event sending or in the other cases which cannot be recovered from.

Member Function Documentation

EventSenderException::EventSenderException(const char *const reasonArg)

Constructs an event sender exception object with a reasonArg. The ownership of the reasonArg pointer is in the calling class and the pointer is not deleted during destructor.

The preferred way is to use the string literal as follow: throw EventSenderException("Failed to initialize message queue.");

const char *EventSenderException::what() const

Returns the exception reason. Can be used for logging the error.

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