QSafeAnimationException Class

class SafeRenderer::QSafeAnimationException

An instance of QSafeAnimationException is thrown in case of an exception. More...

Header: #include <QSafeAnimationException>
Since: QtSafeRenderer 2.1
Inherits: SafeRenderer::QSafeException

Public Types

enum AnimationsException { IndexOutOfBounds, UnsupportedAnimationType, InvalidAnimationData }

Detailed Description

Instance of this class is thrown when an exception occurs related to animation.

Member Type Documentation

enum QSafeAnimationException::AnimationsException

This enum describes the id of a thrown animation exception.

SafeRenderer::QSafeAnimationException::IndexOutOfBounds0The index is out of bounds.
SafeRenderer::QSafeAnimationException::UnsupportedAnimationType1The type of the animation is not supported.
SafeRenderer::QSafeAnimationException::InvalidAnimationData2The animation data is invalid.

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