QStringSplitter Class

class SafeRenderer::QStringSplitter

The QStringSplitter class splits the string. More...

Header: #include <QStringSplitter>
Since: QtSafeRenderer 1.0

Public Functions

bool hasNext()
void nextSubString(SafeRenderer::QSafeString &targetArg)

Detailed Description

The QStringSplitter class splits the string. The string needs to be constructed with to segments separated by split character.

Member Function Documentation

bool QStringSplitter::hasNext()

Returns true if there are segment(s) left in the string; false otherwise.

void QStringSplitter::nextSubString(SafeRenderer::QSafeString &targetArg)

Copies the next string segment to targetArg.

If the length of the string to be split exceeds SafeRenderer::Constraints::MAX_LEN_OF_TEXT, an exception will be thrown:

SafeRenderer::QSafeStringExceptionSafeRenderer::QSafeStringException::StringException::TooLongThe string does not fit inside SafeRenderer::Constraints::MAX_LEN_OF_TEXT.

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