VerifyRegion Class

class SafeRenderer::VerifyRegion

The VerifyRegion class provides API to monitor graphics output. More...

Header: #include <VerifyRegion>
Since: QtSafeRenderer 2.0

Public Functions

VerifyRegion(const SafeRenderer::quint32 idArg, const SafeRenderer::QSafeRect &regionArg)
SafeRenderer::quint32 crc() const
SafeRenderer::quint32 id() const
SafeRenderer::QSafeRect region() const
void setCRC(const SafeRenderer::quint32 &crcArg)
void setId(const SafeRenderer::quint32 &idArg)
void setRegion(const SafeRenderer::QSafeRect &regionArg)

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation


Constructs a VerifyRegion object.

VerifyRegion::VerifyRegion(const SafeRenderer::quint32 idArg, const SafeRenderer::QSafeRect &regionArg)

Constructs a rectangle with the given idArg and regionArg.

SafeRenderer::quint32 VerifyRegion::crc() const

Returns the CRC value read from the output.

SafeRenderer::quint32 VerifyRegion::id() const

Returns the unique ID of the region.

See also setId().

SafeRenderer::QSafeRect VerifyRegion::region() const

Returns the region of interest.

See also setRegion().

void VerifyRegion::setCRC(const SafeRenderer::quint32 &crcArg)

Sets the CRC value read from output to crcArg.

void VerifyRegion::setId(const SafeRenderer::quint32 &idArg)

Sets the unique ID of the region to idArg

See also id().

void VerifyRegion::setRegion(const SafeRenderer::QSafeRect &regionArg)

Sets the region of interest to regionArg.

See also region().

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