OutputVerifierException Class

class SafeRenderer::OutputVerifierException

The OutputVerifierException class is throw in case of errors. More...

Header: #include <OutputVerifierException>
Since: QtSafeRenderer 2.0

This class was introduced in QtSafeRenderer 2.0.

Public Functions

OutputVerifierException(const char *const reasonArg)
const char *what() const

Detailed Description

The OutputVerifierException class if an error occurs in the hardware initialization or in the other cases which cannot be recovered.

Member Function Documentation

OutputVerifierException::OutputVerifierException(const char *const reasonArg)

Constructs a output verifier exception object with a reasonArg. The ownership of the reasonArg pointer is in the calling class and the pointer is not deleted during destructor.

The preferred way is to use the string literal as follow: throw OutputVerifierException("Drawing area does not match with the ROI region.");

const char *OutputVerifierException::what() const

Returns the exception reason. Can be used for logging the error.

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