QSafeBitmapReader Class

class SafeRenderer::QSafeBitmapReader

The QSafeBitmapReader abstract class provides interface for reading bitmap data. More...

Header: #include <QSafeBitmapReader>
Since: QtSafeRenderer 1.0
Inherited By:

SafeRenderer::QSafeBitmapFileReader and SafeRenderer::QSafeBitmapResourceReader

This class was introduced in QtSafeRenderer 1.0.

Public Types

enum BitmapReaderException { TooMany, DataCorrupted, SizeError }

Public Functions

virtual const SafeRenderer::QSafeBitmap *getBitmapByID(const SafeRenderer::quint32 hash) const = 0

Detailed Description

Interface class for the bitmap reading operations.

Member Type Documentation

enum QSafeBitmapReader::BitmapReaderException

This enum describes the exception values in the QSafeBitmapReader class.

SafeRenderer::QSafeBitmapReader::TooMany0The number of bitmaps exceeds the Constraints::MAX_AMOUNT_OF_BITMAPS value.
SafeRenderer::QSafeBitmapReader::DataCorrupted1The crc does not match with the read data or header has unknown fields. For example, a filesystem error or a file being a pipe may have caused the error.
SafeRenderer::QSafeBitmapReader::SizeError2The amount of data in a file is different from expected or data is zero size.

Member Function Documentation

[pure virtual] const SafeRenderer::QSafeBitmap *QSafeBitmapReader::getBitmapByID(const SafeRenderer::quint32 hash) const

Returns the pointer to the bitmap data for the layout item. hash is the hash of the name of the QML element in the layout declarative file.

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