QSafeLayoutResourceReader Class

class SafeRenderer::QSafeLayoutResourceReader

The QSafeLayoutResourceReader class reads the layout data from the Qt's resource structure. More...

Header: #include <QSafeLayoutResourceReader>
Since: QtSafeRenderer 1.0
Inherits: SafeRenderer::QSafeLayout

This class was introduced in QtSafeRenderer 1.0.

Public Functions

QSafeLayoutResourceReader(const SafeRenderer::qchar *const filenameArg)

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual const SafeRenderer::QSafeByteArray readDataFromFile(const SafeRenderer::qchar *const filenameArg) override

Detailed Description

The QSafeLayoutResourceReader class reads the layout data from the Qt's resource structure.

Member Function Documentation

QSafeLayoutResourceReader::QSafeLayoutResourceReader(const SafeRenderer::qchar *const filenameArg)

Constructs a safe layout resource reader that reads the layout data from the filenameArg resource struct.

In case of a failure, an exception will be thrown:

SafeRenderer::QSafeBitmapFileReader::BitmapFileReaderException::TooManyThe number of bitmaps exceeds the MAXIMUM value.
SafeRenderer::QSafeLayout::LayoutException::DataSizeMismatchLayout file's size is more than buffer's size.
SafeRenderer::QSafeLayout::LayoutException::SizeErrorWidthThe width of the layout size too long.
SafeRenderer::QSafeLayout::LayoutException::SizeErrorHeightThe height of the layout size too long.
SafeRenderer::QSafeLayout::LayoutException::DataSizeMismatchThe layout file size is not multiple of the layout data size or layout data size is too small, or has too many layouts
SafeRenderer::QSafeLayout::LayoutException::InvalidLayoutVersionLayout version is not supported.
SafeRenderer::QSafeLayout::LayoutException::CheckSumFailedLayout checksum value does not match with the data checksum.
SafeRenderer::QSafeLayout::LayoutException::TooLongFilenameBitmap's filename was too long to fit in buffer.
SafeRenderer::QSafeResource::FailureToOpenCould not find the file for reading.

[override virtual] const SafeRenderer::QSafeByteArray QSafeLayoutResourceReader::readDataFromFile(const SafeRenderer::qchar *const filenameArg)

Reimplements: QSafeLayout::readDataFromFile(const SafeRenderer::qchar *const filenameArg).

Read data from a file filenameArg.

This function was introduced in QtSafeRenderer 1.1.

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