QSafeTextLayout Class

class SafeRenderer::QSafeTextLayout

The QSafeTextLayout class contains functions for the text layout manipulation. More...

Header: #include <QSafeTextLayout>
Since: QtSafeRenderer 1.1
Inherits: SafeRenderer::QSafeBitmapBuffer

This class was introduced in QtSafeRenderer 1.1.

Public Functions

const SafeRenderer::QSafeFont *font() const
SafeRenderer::quint32 fontFileCRC() const
const SafeRenderer::qchar *fontName() const
SafeRenderer::HorizontalAlignment getHorizontalAlignment() const
SafeRenderer::VerticalAlignment getVerticalAlignment() const
void parseData(const SafeRenderer::QSafeByteArray &bufferArg)
void setColor(const SafeRenderer::ARGB &colorArg)
void setFont(const SafeRenderer::QSafeFont *const fontPtr)
void setText(const SafeRenderer::qchar *const textArg)
const SafeRenderer::qchar *text() const
void update() const

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

const SafeRenderer::QSafeFont *QSafeTextLayout::font() const

Returns the font.

See also setFont().

SafeRenderer::quint32 QSafeTextLayout::fontFileCRC() const

Returns font file CRC value.

This function was introduced in QtSafeRenderer 1.1.

const SafeRenderer::qchar *QSafeTextLayout::fontName() const

Returns the font name.

SafeRenderer::HorizontalAlignment QSafeTextLayout::getHorizontalAlignment() const

Returns the horizontal alignment.

SafeRenderer::VerticalAlignment QSafeTextLayout::getVerticalAlignment() const

Returns the vertical alignment.

void QSafeTextLayout::parseData(const SafeRenderer::QSafeByteArray &bufferArg)

Parses bufferArg

void QSafeTextLayout::setColor(const SafeRenderer::ARGB &colorArg)

Sets the colorArg.

void QSafeTextLayout::setFont(const SafeRenderer::QSafeFont *const fontPtr)

Sets the font with parameter fontPtr.

See also font().

void QSafeTextLayout::setText(const SafeRenderer::qchar *const textArg)

Sets the text to textArg.

See also text().

const SafeRenderer::qchar *QSafeTextLayout::text() const

Returns the text.

See also setText().

void QSafeTextLayout::update() const

Requests an update.

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