Container QML Type

The handle for a container, that an application's Runtime is using. More...

Import Statement: import QtApplicationManager.SystemUI 2.0


Detailed Description

Instances of this class are available to the System UI via an application's Runtime object, while an application is running. Please see the Container documentation for an in-depth description of containers within the application manager.

Note: Applications running in single-process mode (even ones using the qml-inprocess runtime while the application manager is running in multi-process mode) will have no Container object associated.

Property Documentation

controlGroup : string

This property lets you get and set which control group the application's container will be in. The control group name handled by this property is not the low-level name used by the operating system, but an abstraction. See the container documentation for more details on how to setup this mapping.

Note: Control groups are only supported on Linux through the kernel's cgroup system in the built-in process container. Custom container plugins might not implement the necessary interface.

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