QBSP Overview

Qt Board Support Package (QBSP) provides needed components for using Qt on an embedded device. QBSPs are installed using Qt online installer, either from online content or from separately downloaded .qbsp file.

Content of QBSP

When using Boot to Qt Software Stack, a QBSP contains a cross-compilation toolchain that is integrated into Qt Creator, and a device image that can be used to boot your device using Boot to Qt Software Stack.

Creation of QBSP

Creation of QBSP is integrated into the Yocto meta layer (meta-boot2qt) which is used for creating both the toolchain and the device image. Building QBSP with Yocto instructs how you can build your own QBSP file with the Yocto tools.

Delivery of Ready-Made QBSP to Qt for Distribution

If you have a ready-made QBSP that you want to deliver through Qt channels, such as via the Qt Customer Portal, contact The Qt Company QBSP Team to get more information about the delivery method.

Installing QBSP via Qt online installer

Qt Board Support Packages Installation Guide describes how you can install the QBSP file via the Qt online installer. After installing the QBSP, you can flash the image file included in the QBSP to your target device.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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