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Music Browser


This example demonstrates using the Document Gallery QML elements to navigate a music collection.

The main menu of the music browser contains links to the four sub-menus each of which displays a different type of gallery item. The DocumentGalleryType element provides the number of items in each sub-menu.

Each sub-menu contains a list of items populated using the DocumentGalleryModel element. Selecting an item from one of the the Albums, Artists, or Genres menus will display a list of songs which belong to the selected item.

Selecting a song from the music browser will display a dialog with information about a song provided by the DocumentGalleryItem element. Property values changed in this dialog are written back to the DocumentGalleryItem element and saved to the gallery.

Known Issues

  • Album covers are not shown in Symbian.
  • Run this application as "user" in MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan in order to get thumbnails of album covers shown properly.

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