QtMobility Reference Documentation

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Modules for QtMobility software development
QtNetworkNetwork, including Bearer Management
QtServiceFrameworkClasses for discovery and implementation of services.
QtLocationClasses for geographical information support.
QtContactsClasses for managing address books.
QtMessagingClasses for managing messages and attachments.
QtMultimediaKitClasses to to play and record media, and manage a collection of media content.
QtSystemInfoProvides system information.
QtPublishSubscribeClasses that enables applications to read item values, navigate through and subscribe to change notifications.
QtSensorsClasses to provide access to sensors.
QtOrganizerClasses for managing calendar and to-do entries.
QtFeedbackClasses to allow tactile feedback and vibration.
QtGalleryClasses for managing document galleries.
QtVersitClasses for managing Versit documents.
QtConnectivityClasses for working with local devices.

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