QtMobility Reference Documentation

QtMobility QML Plugins

List of QML Plugins for QtMobility

ConnectivityA QML plugin for the Connectivity API including Bluetooth and NFC.
ContactsA QML plugin for the Contacts API.
FeedbackA QML plugin for the Feedback API.
GalleryA QML plugin for the Document Gallery API.
LocationA QML plugin for the Location API.
MessagingA QML plugin for the Messaging API.
MultimediaA QML plugin for the Multimedia API: includes audio and video.
OrganizerA QML plugin for the Organizer API.
Publish and SubscribeA QML plugin for the Publish and Subscribe API.
SensorsA QML plugin for the Sensors API.
Service FrameworkA QML plugin for the Service Framework API for discovering and connecting to services.
System InformationA QML plugin for the SystemInfo API.

List of Mobility QML Elements

The QtMobility QML Elements ordered by API.

Platform Issues


The program 'qmlviewer' has certain default capabilities. When a developer writes a QML script that uses some special capabilities, for example Location, it may seem natural that moving this working script to a Symbian platform should be uneventful. However, the version of 'qmlviewer' may not know about this capability. If that is the case then 'qmlviewer' should be recompiled by the developer with the capability explicitly added.

It should be noted that the use of a plugin, with capabilities outside of "NetworkServices ReadUserData", and viewed on a Symbian device via qmlviewer.exe will either fail to work or cause qmlviewer to be terminated.

In the above example, qmlviewer needs to be recompiled with

 TARGET.CAPABILITY = NetworkServices ReadUserData Location

and installed.


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