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Media Browser


This example demonstrates using the Document Gallery to navigate collections of media documents organized using meta-data.

The QGalleryQueryModel class is used to query the document gallery for items of a specific type, and for the children of container documents.

The browser has five views that can be selected from the application menu each displaying a different type of document or collection.

The Artists view displays a list of all artists who performed songs in the gallery and the total number of songs attributed to them. The Album Artists view is similar to the Artists view except it lists the title artists of albums in the gallery. Selecting an artist from one of these views will display a list of albums the artist has contributed to, or is the title artist of respectively.

The Albums view displays a list of all albums in the gallery, including the title artist, album cover, and the number of songs on the album. Selecting an album from this list will display a list of all songs on the album.

The Songs and Photos views display all the audio and image files in the gallery respectively. The Songs view includes the track number, title, duration, artist, and album artist properties of the listed songs, all of which with the exception of duration can be edited. The Photos view is a grid of image thumbnails.

Known Issues

  • Album covers are not shown in Symbian.
  • Run this application as "user" in MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan in order to get thumbnails of album covers shown properly.

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