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QML LandmarkUnionFilter Element

The LandmarkUnionFilter element specifies a union of landmark filters. More...

This element was introduced in Mobility 1.2.

Detailed Description

This element is part of the QtMobility.location 1.1 module.

Logical OR combinations of landmark filters can be formed using LandmarkUnionFilter.

The following example creates a filter which filters for landmarks which are either named Nimbin, or located within 1500 metres from current location (or both).

 LandmarkUnionFilter {
     id: landmarkUnionFilterNameAndProximity
     LandmarkNameFilter {
         name: "Nimbin"
     LandmarkProximityFilter {
         center: myPosition.position.coordinate
         radius: 1500

See also LandmarkIntersectionFilter, LandmarkModel, and QLandmarkUnionFilter.


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