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System Information Example


The System Information example uses a tabbed dialog, with each tab representing a particular type of data: versions, network and so on.

To access the information, the example creates objects belonging to the System Information classes


Access to details of the currently active phone profile


Service for applications to synchronize their activity


Access to battery and power information from the system


Access to device information from the system


Access to display information from the system


Access to various general information from the system


Access to various networking status and signals


Access to screen saver and blanking


Access to disk storage information from the system

Here are some examples that show how the example application reads the device information.

The current language

     systemInfo = new QSystemInfo(this);
     curLanguageLineEdit->setText( systemInfo->currentLanguage());

Device information, starting with the battery level

 bi = new QSystemBatteryInfo(this);

 currentBatStat = bi->batteryStatus();

The battery status is an enum, QSystemBatteryInfo::BatteryStatus, that indicates various battery levels and their significance, e.g., QSystemBatteryInfo::BatteryVeryLow.

The manufacturer id and the product name


Other information is stored as bitwise flags. The following code shows the input methods being determined using flags.

     QSystemDeviceInfo::InputMethodFlags methods = di->inputMethodType();
     QStringList inputs;
     if ((methods & QSystemDeviceInfo::Keys)==QSystemDeviceInfo::Keys){
         inputs << "Keys";
     if ((methods & QSystemDeviceInfo::Keypad)==QSystemDeviceInfo::Keypad) {
         inputs << "Keypad";

Various capabilities of the device can be found by testing for features. In the example a Feature combo box, on the General tab, has a hard coded list of features. When a listed feature is selected the getFeature() function is called with the index which is handled by applying a test to the corresponding feature.

     QSystemInfo::Feature feature;
     switch(index) {
     case 1:
         feature = QSystemInfo::BluetoothFeature;
     QSystemInfo si;
     featuresLineEdit->setText((si.hasFeatureSupported(feature) ? "true":"false" ));

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