Effect QML Type

The base class for effects in a Qt 3D scene. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Render 2.5
Instantiates: QEffect



Detailed Description

The Effect type combines a set of techniques and parameters used by those techniques to produce a rendering effect for a material.

An Effect instance should be shared among several Material instances when possible.

A Parameter defined on a Effect overrides parameter (of the same name) defined in Technique and RenderPass, but are overridden by parameter in RenderPassFilter, TechniqueFilter and Material.

Note: Effect node can not be disabled.

Effect {
    id: effect

    techniques: [
        Technique {
            id: gl3Technique
            graphicsApiFilter {
                api: GraphicsApiFilter.OpenGL
                profile: GraphicsApiFilter.CoreProfile
                majorVersion: 3
                minorVersion: 1
            renderPasses: [
                RenderPass {
                    id: gl3Pass
                    shaderProgram: ShaderProgram {

See also Material, Technique, and Parameter.

Property Documentation

parameters : list<Parameter>

Holds the list of parameters used by this effect. A parameter is used to set a corresponding uniform value in the shader used by this effect.

techniques : list<Technique>

Holds the list of techniques used by this effect.

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