Node QML Type

Represents a node on a server. More...

Import Statement: import QtOpcUa
Since: QtOpcUa 5.12
Inherited By:

MethodNode and ValueNode



Detailed Description

import QtOpcUa as QtOpcUa

QtOpcUa.Node {
    nodeId : QtOpcUa.NodeId {
        identifier: "s=Example.Method"
        ns: "Example Namespace"
    connection: myConnection

Property Documentation

Status : enumeration

Status of a node.

Node.Status.ValidNode is ready for use
Node.Status.InvalidNodeIdNode id is invalid
Node.Status.NoConnectionNot connected to a server
Node.Status.InvalidNodeTypeNode type on the server does not match the QML type
Node.Status.InvalidClientInvalid connection client
Node.Status.FailedToResolveNodeFailed to resolve node
Node.Status.InvalidObjectNodeThe object node is invalid or its type does not match the expected type
Node.Status.FailedToReadAttributesFailed to read attributes
Node.Status.FailedToSetupMonitoringFailed to setup monitoring

See also status and errorMessage.

browseName : string

The browse name of the node. In case the information is not available an empty string is returned.

connection : Connection

The connection to be used for node instances. The node will automatically be accessible when the associated connection has established a connection to a server.

If this property is not set, the default connection will be used, if any.

See also Connection and Connection::defaultConnection.

description : LocalizedText

The description of the node. In case the information is not available a default constructed LocalizedText is returned.

displayName : LocalizedText

The localized text of the node. In case the information is not available a default constructed LocalizedText is returned.

[read-only] errorMessage : string

A string representation of the current status code.

See also status and Status.

eventFilter : EventFilter

An event filter allows monitoring events on the server for certain conditions.

See also EventFilter.

[read-only] nodeClass : QOpcUa::NodeClass

The node class of the node. In case the information is not available QtOpcUa.Constants.NodeClass.Undefined is returned.

nodeId : NodeId

ID of the node on the server to be used. This can be an absolute node ID or a relative node ID.

See also NodeId and RelativeNodeId.

[read-only] readyToUse : bool

This property returns whether the node is ready to use. This happens once after a successful connection to a server was established and the node was successfully set up.

[read-only] status : Status

Current status of the node. The node is only usable when the status is Valid. In any other case it indicates an error.

See also errorMessage and Status.

Method Documentation

Date getServerTimestamp(Constants::NodeAttribute attribute)

Returns the server timestamp of the given attribute.

Date getSourceTimestamp(QOpcUa::NodeAttribute attribute)

Returns the source timestamp of the given attribute.

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