ParticleCustomShape3D QML Type

Loads custom particle shapes for emitters and affectors. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D.Particles3D
Since: Qt 6.3


Detailed Description

The ParticleCustomShape3D element can be used to load custom particle shapes.

For example, to emit particles from positions defined in heart.cbor:

ParticleEmitter3D {
    shape: ParticleCustomShape3D {
        source: "heart.cbor"

The format of CBOR shape files is following:

  "QQ3D_SHAPE", // string
  version, // integer
    posX, // float
    posY, // float
    posZ, // float
    posX, // float

To assist in generating these shape files you can use the shapegen tool.

Property Documentation

randomizeData : bool

This property holds whether the particles are used in random order instead of in the order they are specified in the source.

The default value is false.

source : url

This property holds the location of the shape file.

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