Skin QML Type

Defines a skinning animation. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D



Detailed Description

A skin defines how a model can be animated using skeletal animation. It contains a list of Nodes and an optional list of the Inverse Bind Pose Matrices. Each Node's transform becomes a transform of the bone with the corresponding index in the list.

Skin {
    id: skin0
    joints: [
    inverseBindPoses: [

Note: Skeleton and Joint will be deprecated.

Property Documentation

inverseBindPoses : List<matrix4x4>

This property contains a list of Inverse Bind Pose matrixes used for the skinning animation. Each inverseBindPose matrix means the inverse of the global transform of the corresponding node in Skin::joints, used initially.

Note: This property is an optional property. That is, if some or all of the matrices are not set, identity values will be used.

joints : List<QtQuick3D::Node>

This property contains a list of nodes used for a hierarchy of joints. The order in the list becomes the index of the joint, which is used in the SkinSemantic custom geometry attribute.

Note: A value 'undefined' will be ignored and if a node which doesn't exist is described, the result is unpredictable.

See also QQuick3DGeometry::addAttribute and Qt Quick 3D - Simple Skinning Example.

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