QScxmlTableData Class

The QScxmlTableData class is used by compiled state machines. More...

Header: #include <QScxmlTableData>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Scxml)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Scxml)
qmake: QT += scxml

Public Functions

virtual ~QScxmlTableData()
virtual QScxmlExecutableContent::AssignmentInfo assignmentInfo(QScxmlExecutableContent::EvaluatorId assignmentId) const = 0
virtual QScxmlExecutableContent::StringId *dataNames(int *count) const = 0
virtual QScxmlExecutableContent::EvaluatorInfo evaluatorInfo(QScxmlExecutableContent::EvaluatorId evaluatorId) const = 0
virtual QScxmlExecutableContent::ForeachInfo foreachInfo(QScxmlExecutableContent::EvaluatorId foreachId) const = 0
virtual QScxmlExecutableContent::ContainerId initialSetup() const = 0
virtual QScxmlExecutableContent::InstructionId *instructions() const = 0
virtual QString name() const = 0
virtual QScxmlInvokableServiceFactory *serviceFactory(int id) const = 0
virtual const qint32 *stateMachineTable() const = 0
virtual QString string(QScxmlExecutableContent::StringId id) const = 0

Detailed Description

QScxmlTableData is the interface to the compiled representation of SCXML state machines. It should only be used internally and by state machines compiled from SCXML documents.

Member Function Documentation

[virtual] QScxmlTableData::~QScxmlTableData()

Destroys the SXCML table data.

[pure virtual] QScxmlExecutableContent::AssignmentInfo QScxmlTableData::assignmentInfo(QScxmlExecutableContent::EvaluatorId assignmentId) const

Returns the QScxmlExecutableContent::AssignmentInfo object for the given assignmentId.

[pure virtual] QScxmlExecutableContent::StringId *QScxmlTableData::dataNames(int *count) const

Retrieves the string IDs for the names of data items in the data model. The number of strings is saved into count and a pointer to an array of string IDs is returned.

Returns a pointer to an array of string IDs.

[pure virtual] QScxmlExecutableContent::EvaluatorInfo QScxmlTableData::evaluatorInfo(QScxmlExecutableContent::EvaluatorId evaluatorId) const

Returns the QScxmlExecutableContent::EvaluatorInfo object for the given evaluatorId.

[pure virtual] QScxmlExecutableContent::ForeachInfo QScxmlTableData::foreachInfo(QScxmlExecutableContent::EvaluatorId foreachId) const

Returns the QScxmlExecutableContent::ForeachInfo object for the given foreachId.

[pure virtual] QScxmlExecutableContent::ContainerId QScxmlTableData::initialSetup() const

Initializes the table data. Returns the ID of the container with instructions to be executed when initializing the state machine.

[pure virtual] QScxmlExecutableContent::InstructionId *QScxmlTableData::instructions() const

Returns a pointer to the instructions of executable content contained in the state machine.

[pure virtual] QString QScxmlTableData::name() const

Returns the name of the state machine.

[pure virtual] QScxmlInvokableServiceFactory *QScxmlTableData::serviceFactory(int id) const

Returns the service factory that creates invokable services for the state with the ID id.

[pure virtual] const qint32 *QScxmlTableData::stateMachineTable() const

Returns a pointer to the complete state table, expressed as an opaque sequence of integers.

[pure virtual] QString QScxmlTableData::string(QScxmlExecutableContent::StringId id) const

Returns a QString for the given id.

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