New Classes and Functions in Qt 6.4

This page contains a comprehensive list of all new classes and functions introduced in Qt 6.4.

New Classes

New Member Functions

Class QAbstractItemModelTester:

void setUseFetchMore(bool value)

Class QByteArray:

QByteArray percentDecoded(char percent) const
void resize(qsizetype newSize, char c)

Class QColor:

QColor fromString(QAnyStringView name)
bool isValidColorName(QAnyStringView name)

Class QColorTransform:

bool isIdentity() const
QRgbaFloat16 map(QRgbaFloat16 rgbafp16) const
QRgbaFloat32 map(QRgbaFloat32 rgbafp32) const
bool operator!=(const QColorTransform &ct1, const QColorTransform &ct2)
bool operator==(const QColorTransform &ct1, const QColorTransform &ct2)

Class QDate:

QDate addDuration(std::chrono::days ndays) const
QDate fromStdSysDays(const std::chrono::sys_days &days)

Class QDateTime:

QDateTime addDuration(std::chrono::milliseconds msecs) const
QDateTime fromStdLocalTime(const std::chrono::local_time<std::chrono::milliseconds> &time)
QDateTime fromStdTimePoint(const std::chrono::time_point<Clock, Duration> &time)
QDateTime fromStdTimePoint(const std::chrono::local_time<std::chrono::milliseconds> &time)
QDateTime fromStdZonedTime(const int &time)
QDateTime &operator+=(std::chrono::milliseconds duration)
std::chrono::milliseconds operator-(const QDateTime &lhs, const QDateTime &rhs)
QDateTime operator-(const QDateTime &dateTime, std::chrono::milliseconds duration)
QDateTime &operator-=(std::chrono::milliseconds duration)
std::chrono::sys_time<std::chrono::milliseconds> toStdSysMilliseconds() const
std::chrono::sys_seconds toStdSysSeconds() const

Class QFileInfo:

bool isAlias() const

Class QFormLayout:

bool isRowVisible(int row) const
bool isRowVisible(QWidget *widget) const
bool isRowVisible(QLayout *layout) const
void setRowVisible(int row, bool on)
void setRowVisible(QWidget *widget, bool on)
void setRowVisible(QLayout *layout, bool on)

Class QFuture:

QFuture<U> unwrap()

Class QImage:

QImage colorTransformed(const QColorTransform &transform) const &
QImage colorTransformed(const QColorTransform &transform) &&

Class QJniEnvironment:

jfieldID findField(jclass clazz, const char *fieldName)
jmethodID findMethod(jclass clazz, const char *methodName)
jfieldID findStaticField(jclass clazz, const char *fieldName)
jmethodID findStaticMethod(jclass clazz, const char *methodName)

Class QJniObject:

auto callMethod(const char *methodName, const char *signature, Args &&... args) const
auto callMethod(const char *methodName, Args &&... args) const
QJniObject callObjectMethod(const char *methodName, Args &&... args) const
auto callStaticMethod(const char *className, const char *methodName, const char *signature, Args &&... args)
auto callStaticMethod(jclass clazz, jmethodID methodId, Args &&... args)
auto callStaticMethod(const char *className, const char *methodName, Args &&... args)
auto callStaticMethod(jclass clazz, const char *methodName, Args &&... args)
QJniObject callStaticObjectMethod(const char *className, const char *methodName, Args &&... args)
QJniObject callStaticObjectMethod(jclass clazz, const char *methodName, Args &&... args)
QJniObject construct(Args &&... args)

Class QLatin1Char:

QLatin1Char operator""_L1(char ch)

Class QLatin1StringView:

const char *constBegin() const
const char *constData() const
const char *constEnd() const
bool empty() const
QLatin1Char first() const
QLatin1Char last() const
qsizetype length() const

Class QLine:

QLineF toLineF() const

Class QListWidgetItem:

void setTextAlignment(Qt::Alignment alignment)

Class QMargins:

QMarginsF toMarginsF() const

Class QMetaType:

size_t qHash(QMetaType type, size_t seed)

Class QMqttSubscriptionProperties:

bool noLocal() const
void setNoLocal(bool noloc)

Class QMutexLocker:

bool isLocked() const
QMutexLocker<Mutex> &operator=(QMutexLocker<Mutex> &&other)
void swap(QMutexLocker<Mutex> &other)

Class QNetworkInformation:

bool loadBackendByFeatures(QNetworkInformation::Features features)
bool loadBackendByName(QStringView backend)

Class QObject:

bool isQuickItemType() const
void setObjectName(QAnyStringView name)

Class QPoint:

QPointF toPointF() const

Class QPolygon:

QPolygonF toPolygonF() const

Class QQmlApplicationEngine:

void objectCreationFailed(const QUrl &url)

Class QQuickRenderTarget:

QQuickRenderTarget fromD3D11Texture(void *texture, uint format, const QSize &pixelSize, int sampleCount)
QQuickRenderTarget fromMetalTexture(MTLTexture *texture, uint format, const QSize &pixelSize, int sampleCount)
QQuickRenderTarget fromOpenGLTexture(uint textureId, uint format, const QSize &pixelSize, int sampleCount)
QQuickRenderTarget fromPaintDevice(QPaintDevice *device)
QQuickRenderTarget fromVulkanImage(VkImage image, VkImageLayout layout, VkFormat format, const QSize &pixelSize, int sampleCount)
bool mirrorVertically() const
void setMirrorVertically(bool enable)

Class QRect:

QRectF toRectF() const

Class QSGMaterialShader:

int combinedImageSamplerCount(int binding) const

Class QSize:

QSizeF toSizeF() const

Class QStringView:

qsizetype count(QLatin1StringView l1, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs) const
int localeAwareCompare(QStringView other) const

Class QTableWidgetItem:

void setTextAlignment(Qt::Alignment alignment)

Class QTcpServer:

Class QTemporaryDir:

QTemporaryDir &operator=(QTemporaryDir &&other)
void swap(QTemporaryDir &other)

Class QTextCursor:

void insertMarkdown(const QString &markdown, QTextDocument::MarkdownFeatures features)

Class QTextDocumentFragment:

QTextDocumentFragment fromMarkdown(const QString &markdown, QTextDocument::MarkdownFeatures features)
QString toMarkdown(QTextDocument::MarkdownFeatures features) const
QString toRawText() const

Class QTextStream:

QTextStream &operator>>(char16_t &c)

Class QTextToSpeech:

bool setEngine(const QString &engine, const QVariantMap &params)

Class QTimeZone:

QTimeZone fromStdTimeZonePtr(const int *timeZone)

Class QTreeWidgetItem:

void setTextAlignment(int column, Qt::Alignment alignment)

Class QVarLengthArray:

void resize(qsizetype size, const T &v)

Class QVersionNumber:

QVersionNumber fromString(QAnyStringView string, qsizetype *suffixIndex)

Class QVoice:

QDataStream &operator<<(QDataStream &stream, const QVoice &voice)
QDebug operator<<(QDebug debug, const QVoice &voice)
QDataStream &operator>>(QDataStream &stream, QVoice &voice)
void swap(QVoice &other)

Class QVulkanWindow:

void setEnabledFeaturesModifier(const QVulkanWindow::EnabledFeaturesModifier &modifier)

Class QWebEnginePage:

void fileSystemAccessRequested(QWebEngineFileSystemAccessRequest request)

Class QWebSocket:

QWebSocketHandshakeOptions handshakeOptions() const
void open(const QUrl &url, const QWebSocketHandshakeOptions &options)
void open(const QNetworkRequest &request, const QWebSocketHandshakeOptions &options)
QString subprotocol() const

Class QWebSocketServer:

void setSupportedSubprotocols(const QStringList &protocols)
QStringList supportedSubprotocols() const

New Functions in Namespaces

QLatin1StringView operator""_L1(const char *str, size_t size)
QByteArray operator""_ba(const char *str, size_t size)
QString operator""_s(const char16_t *str, size_t size)
bool qIsPolishScheduled(const QQuickWindow *window)
bool qWaitForPolish(const QQuickWindow *window, int timeout)
bool qWaitForPolish(const QQuickItem *item, int timeout)

New Macros

QCOMPARE_EQ(computed, baseline)
QCOMPARE_GE(computed, baseline)
QCOMPARE_GT(computed, baseline)
QCOMPARE_LE(computed, baseline)
QCOMPARE_LT(computed, baseline)
QCOMPARE_NE(computed, baseline)
QTRY_COMPARE_EQ(computed, baseline)
QTRY_COMPARE_EQ_WITH_TIMEOUT(computed, baseline, timeout)
QTRY_COMPARE_GE(computed, baseline)
QTRY_COMPARE_GE_WITH_TIMEOUT(computed, baseline, timeout)
QTRY_COMPARE_GT(computed, baseline)
QTRY_COMPARE_GT_WITH_TIMEOUT(computed, baseline, timeout)
QTRY_COMPARE_LE(computed, baseline)
QTRY_COMPARE_LE_WITH_TIMEOUT(computed, baseline, timeout)
QTRY_COMPARE_LT(computed, baseline)
QTRY_COMPARE_LT_WITH_TIMEOUT(computed, baseline, timeout)
QTRY_COMPARE_NE(computed, baseline)
QTRY_COMPARE_NE_WITH_TIMEOUT(computed, baseline, timeout)

New Enum Types

enum PolygonMode { Fill, Line }

New Enum Values

New Properties

New Variables

New QML Types

New QML Properties

QML Type Model:

QML Type ReflectionProbe:

debugView : bool

QML Type SceneEnvironment:

skyBoxCubeMap : QtQuick3D::CubeMapTexture
skyboxBlurAmount : float
specularAAEnabled : bool

QML Type SpriteParticle3D:

QML Type TableView:

QML Type View3D:

renderFormat : enumeration

QML Type WaylandSurface:

isOpaque : bool

QML Type WebSocket:

QML Type WebSocketServer:

supportedSubprotocols : QStringList

New QML Methods

QML Type TableView:

point cellAtIndex(QModelIndex modelIndex)
int columnAtIndex(QModelIndex modelIndex)
QModelIndex modelIndex(point cell)
int rowAtIndex(QModelIndex modelIndex)

QML Type TreeView:

expandRecursively(row, depth)
expandToIndex(QModelIndex index)

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