QSSGRhiContext Class

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Header: #include <QSSGRhiContext>
Since: Qt 6.7

Public Functions

void checkAndAdjustForNPoT(QRhiTexture *texture, QSSGRhiSamplerDescription *samplerDescription)
QRhiCommandBuffer *commandBuffer() const
QRhiCommandBuffer::BeginPassFlags commonPassFlags() const
QRhiTexture *dummyTexture(QRhiTexture::Flags flags, QRhiResourceUpdateBatch *rub, const QSize &size = QSize(64, 64), const QColor &fillColor = Qt::black)
bool isValid() const
int mainPassSampleCount() const
QRhiRenderPassDescriptor *mainRenderPassDescriptor() const
QRhiRenderTarget *renderTarget() const
QRhi *rhi() const
QRhiSampler *sampler(const QSSGRhiSamplerDescription &samplerDescription)

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

void QSSGRhiContext::checkAndAdjustForNPoT(QRhiTexture *texture, QSSGRhiSamplerDescription *samplerDescription)

Adjusts samplerDescription's tiling and filtering modes based on the pixel size of texture.

In most cases, samplerDescription is not changed. With older, legacy 3D APIs in use, there is however a chance that tiling modes such as QRhiSampler::Repeat are not supported for textures with a non-power-of-two width or height.

This convenience function helps creating robust applications that can still function even when features such as QRhi::NPOTTextureRepeat are not supported by an OpenGL ES 2.0 or WebGL 1 implementation at run time.

QRhiCommandBuffer *QSSGRhiContext::commandBuffer() const

Returns The current frame's command buffer used by the Qt Quick 3D renderer.

QRhiCommandBuffer::BeginPassFlags QSSGRhiContext::commonPassFlags() const

Returns The recommended flags when calling QRhiCommandBuffer::beginPass().

QRhiTexture *QSSGRhiContext::dummyTexture(QRhiTexture::Flags flags, QRhiResourceUpdateBatch *rub, const QSize &size = QSize(64, 64), const QColor &fillColor = Qt::black)

Returns a texture that has the specified flags and pixel size.

This is intended to efficiently gain access to a "dummy" texture filled with a given fillColor, and reused in various places in the rendering stack.

rub must be a valid QRhiResourceUpdateBatch since this function will create a new texture and generate content for it, if a suitable cached object is not found. The necessary upload operations are then enqueued on this given update batch.

The ownership of the returned texture stays with Qt Quick 3D.

bool QSSGRhiContext::isValid() const

Returns true if the renderer is initialized successfully.

int QSSGRhiContext::mainPassSampleCount() const

Returns the sample count used in the main render pass.

QRhiRenderPassDescriptor *QSSGRhiContext::mainRenderPassDescriptor() const

Returns The QRhiRenderPassDescriptor used by the main render pass of the Qt Quick 3D renderer.

QRhiRenderTarget *QSSGRhiContext::renderTarget() const

Returns The render target the Qt Quick 3D renderer uses for its main render pass in the current frame.

This can effectively be a render target from a swapchain, if the View3D uses a renderMode other than Offscreen. More commonly, the render target refers to a texture (i.e., is a QRhiTextureRenderTarget), e.g. because the renderMode is the default Offscreen, or because post-processing effects are in use.

QRhi *QSSGRhiContext::rhi() const

Returns The QRhi object used by the Qt Quick 3D renderer.

QRhiSampler *QSSGRhiContext::sampler(const QSSGRhiSamplerDescription &samplerDescription)

Returns a sampler with the filter and tiling modes specified in samplerDescription.

The generated QRhiSampler objects are cached and reused. Thus this is a convenient way to gain access to a QRhiSampler with the given settings, without having to create a new, dedicated object all the time.

The ownership of the returned QRhiSampler stays with Qt Quick 3D.

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