QHelpEvent Class

The QHelpEvent class provides an event that is used to request helpful information about a particular point in a widget. More...

Header: #include <QHelpEvent>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Gui)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Gui)
qmake: QT += gui
Inherits: QEvent

Public Functions

QHelpEvent(QEvent::Type type, const QPoint &pos, const QPoint &globalPos)
virtual ~QHelpEvent() override
const QPoint &globalPos() const
int globalX() const
int globalY() const
const QPoint &pos() const
int x() const
int y() const

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual QHelpEvent *clone() const override

Protected Functions

QHelpEvent(const QHelpEvent &)
QHelpEvent(QHelpEvent &&)

Detailed Description

This event can be intercepted in applications to provide tooltips or "What's This?" help for custom widgets. The type() can be either QEvent::ToolTip or QEvent::WhatsThis.

See also QToolTip, QWhatsThis, QStatusTipEvent, and QWhatsThisClickedEvent.

Member Function Documentation

QHelpEvent::QHelpEvent(QEvent::Type type, const QPoint &pos, const QPoint &globalPos)

Constructs a help event with the given type corresponding to the widget-relative position specified by pos and the global position specified by globalPos.

type must be either QEvent::ToolTip or QEvent::WhatsThis.

See also pos() and globalPos().

[protected] QHelpEvent::QHelpEvent(const QHelpEvent &)

Copy constructor.

[protected] QHelpEvent::QHelpEvent(QHelpEvent &&)

Move-copy constructor.

[override virtual] QHelpEvent::~QHelpEvent()

Destroys the instance of QHelpEvent. The destructor is virtual.

[override virtual] QHelpEvent *QHelpEvent::clone() const

const QPoint &QHelpEvent::globalPos() const

Returns the mouse cursor position when the event was generated in global coordinates.

See also pos(), globalX(), and globalY().

int QHelpEvent::globalX() const

Same as globalPos().x().

See also x(), globalY(), and globalPos().

int QHelpEvent::globalY() const

Same as globalPos().y().

See also y(), globalX(), and globalPos().

const QPoint &QHelpEvent::pos() const

Returns the mouse cursor position when the event was generated, relative to the widget to which the event is dispatched.

See also globalPos(), x(), and y().

int QHelpEvent::x() const

Same as pos().x().

See also y(), pos(), and globalPos().

int QHelpEvent::y() const

Same as pos().y().

See also x(), pos(), and globalPos().

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