cameraFormat QML Value Type

Describes a video format supported by a camera device. More...

Import Statement: import QtMultimedia


Detailed Description

cameraFormat represents a certain video format supported by a camera device.

The format is a combination of a QVideoFrameFormat::PixelFormat, resolution and a range of frame rates.

cameraFormat objects can be queried from cameraDevice to inspect the set of supported video formats.

See also cameraDevice and Camera.

Property Documentation

maxFrameRate : real

Returns the highest frame rate defined by this format.

The camera will always try to use the maximum frame rate supported by a certain video format.

minFrameRate : real

Returns the lowest frame rate defined by this format.

pixelFormat : enumeration

Holds the pixel format.

Most commonly this is either QVideoFrameFormat::Format_Jpeg or QVideoFrameFormat::Format_YUVY but other formats could also be supported by the camera.

See also QVideoFrameFormat::PixelFormat.

resolution : size

Returns the resolution.

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