Geometry QML Type

Encapsulates geometry. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Core 2.9
In C++: QGeometry


Status: Deprecated


Detailed Description

A Geometry type is used to group a list of Attribute objects together to form a geometric shape Qt3D is able to render using GeometryRenderer. Special attribute can be set in order to calculate bounding volume of the shape.

Property Documentation

attributes : list<Attribute>

Holds the list of attributes the geometry comprises of.

boundingVolumePositionAttribute : Attribute

Holds the attribute used to compute the bounding volume. The bounding volume is used internally for picking and view frustum culling.

If unspecified, the system will look for the attribute using the name returned by QAttribute::defaultPositionAttributeName.

See also Attribute.

maxExtent : vector3d [read-only]

Holds the vertex with the highest x, y, z position values.

minExtent : vector3d [read-only]

Holds the vertex with the lowest x, y, z position values.

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