InputSequence QML Type

QML frontend for the Qt3DInput::QInputSequence C++ class. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Input 2.9
In C++: QInputSequence
Status: Deprecated



Detailed Description

Represents a set of QAbstractActionInput's that must be triggerd one after the other.

The following example shows a chord that will be triggered by pressing the A and S keys together with a tolerance of 10 miliseconds between presses.

InputChord {
  tolerance: 10
  inputs: [
     ActionInput {
         sourceDevice: keyboardSourceDevice
         keys: [Qt.Key_A]
     ActionInput {
        sourceDevice: keyboardSourceDevice
        keys: [Qt.Key_S]

Property Documentation

buttonInterval : int

The maximum time in milliseconds in between consecutive QAbstractActionInput's in the input sequence.

sequences : list<AbstractActionInput>

timeout : int

The time in milliseconds in which all QAbstractActionInput's in the input sequence must triggered within.

Signal Documentation


This signal is emitted when the buttonInterval of the input sequence is changed.

The corresponding handler is onButtonIntervalChanged

Note: The corresponding handler is onButtonIntervalChanged.


This signal is emitted when the timeout of the input sequence is changed.

The corresponding handler is onTimeoutChanged

Note: The corresponding handler is onTimeoutChanged.

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