WheelEvent QML Type

Contains parameters that describe a mouse wheel event. More...

Import Statement: import Qt3D.Input 2.9
In C++: QWheelEvent
Status: Deprecated


Detailed Description

Mouse wheel events occur when the mouse wheel is rotated.

See also KeyEvent, MouseEvent, and MouseHandler.

Property Documentation

accepted : bool

Specifies if the mouse wheel event has been accepted

angleDelta : Point [read-only]

Specifies The change wheel angle of the mouse wheel event

buttons : int [read-only]

Specifies the button if present in the mouse wheel event

modifiers : Modifiers [read-only]

Specifies if any modifiers were applied to the mouse wheel event

x : int [read-only]

Specifies The X coordinate of the mouse wheel event

y : int [read-only]

Specifies The Y coordinate of the mouse wheel event

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