AbstractAxis3D QML Type

A base type for the axes of a graph. More...

Import Statement: import QtDataVisualization 1.9
Since: QtDataVisualization 1.0
In C++: QAbstract3DAxis
Inherited By:

CategoryAxis3D and ValueAxis3D


Detailed Description

This type is uncreatable, but contains properties that are exposed via subtypes.

For AbstractAxis3D enums, see QAbstract3DAxis::AxisOrientation and QAbstract3DAxis::AxisType.

Property Documentation

autoAdjustRange : bool

Defines whether the axis will automatically adjust the range so that all data fits in it.

labelAutoRotation : real

The maximum angle the labels can autorotate when the camera angle changes. The angle can be between 0 and 90, inclusive. The default value is 0. If the value is 0, axis labels do not automatically rotate. If the value is greater than zero, labels attempt to orient themselves toward the camera, up to the specified angle.

labels : list

The labels for the axis.

Note: Setting this property for ValueAxis3D does nothing, as it generates labels automatically.

max : real

The maximum value on the axis. When setting this property, the minimum value is adjusted if necessary, to ensure that the range remains valid.

min : real

The minimum value on the axis. When setting this property, the maximum value is adjusted if necessary, to ensure that the range remains valid.

orientation : AbstractAxis3D.AxisOrientation [read-only]

The orientation of the axis.

title : string

The title for the axis.

See also titleVisible and titleFixed.

titleFixed : bool

The rotation of axis titles.

If true, axis titles in the primary graph view will be rotated towards the camera similarly to the axis labels. If false, axis titles are only rotated around their axis but are not otherwise oriented towards the camera. This property does not have any effect if the labelAutoRotation property value is zero. Default value is true.

See also labelAutoRotation, title, and titleVisible.

titleVisible : bool

Defines whether the axis title is visible in the primary graph view.

The default value is false.

See also title and titleFixed.

type : AbstractAxis3D.AxisType [read-only]

The type of the axis.

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