sslDtlsConfiguration QML Type

The sslDtlsConfiguration class holds the Dtls default configuration and state of an SSL connection. More...

Import Statement: import QtNetwork
Since: Qt 6.7



Detailed Description

See also QSslConfiguration.

Property Documentation

ciphers : string

Holds the cryptographic cipher suite for this configuration to ciphers, which is a colon-separated list of cipher suite names.

See also QSslConfiguration::ciphers.

peerVerifyDepth : int

Holds the maximum number of certificates in the peer's certificate chain to be checked during the SSL handshake phase, or 0 (the default) if no maximum depth has been set, indicating that the whole certificate chain should be checked.

See also QSslConfiguration::peerVerifyDepth.

peerVerifyMode : enumeration

Holds PeerVerifyMode enumeration value.

See also QSslSocket::PeerVerifyMode.

protocol : enumeration

Holds SslProtocol enumeration value.

See also QSsl::SslProtocol.

sessionTicket : bytearray

Holds the session ticket used in the SSL handshake in ASN.1 format, suitable to e.g. be persisted to disk.

See also QSslConfiguration::sessionTicket.

sslOptions : QList

Holds the list of SslOption values, that are activated by configuration.

See also QSsl::SslOption.

Method Documentation

void setCertificateFiles(const QStringList &certificateFiles)

This function loads into configuration the list of certificates certificateFiles provided by user.

void setPrivateKey(const QQmlSslKey &privateKey)

This function sets into configuration user defined Private key value privateKey.

See also QSslKey and sslKey.

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