MorphTarget QML Type

Defines the properties of a morph target. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D


Detailed Description

Each MorphTarget is a morph target for a vertex animation. The degree of morphing is controlled by changing the weight property.

MorphTarget {
    id: morphtarget0
    attributes: MorphTarget.Position | MorphTarget.Normal
    weight: 0.5

The morphing example shows how to use a morph target.

Property Documentation

attributes : enumeration

Specifies the set of attributes of the current morph target. In order to animate vertex attributes in morphing, the mesh must contain those target attributes and the morph target must have the attributes enabled.

The attributes for a morph target are specified by OR-ing together the following values:

MorphTarget.Positionanimates the vertex positions
MorphTarget.Normalanimates the normal vectors
MorphTarget.Tangentanimates the tangent vectors
MorphTarget.Binormalanimates the binormal vectors
MorphTarget.TexCoord0animates the texture coordinate 0 vectors
MorphTarget.TexCoord1animates the texture coordinate 1 vectors
MorphTarget.Coloranimates the vertex color vectors

weight : float

Specifies the weight of the current morph target. The weight is the multiplication factor used by the linear interpolation. A weight of 1 means that this target is fully applied. A weight of 0 means that it has no influence.

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