PhysicsMaterial QML Type

Defines the physics material of a body. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D.Physics
Since: Qt 6.4


Detailed Description

The PhysicsMaterial type determines how objects interact when they touch.

Friction uses the Coulomb friction model, which is based around the concepts of 2 coefficients: the static friction coefficient and the dynamic friction coefficient (sometimes called kinetic friction). Friction resists relative lateral motion of two solid surfaces in contact. These two coefficients define a relationship between the normal force exerted by each surface on the other and the amount of friction force that is applied to resist lateral motion. While most real-world materials have friction coefficients between 0 and 1, values above 1 are not uncommon. The properties accept any real number greater or equal to 0.

Restitution determines how objects bounce when they collide.

Property Documentation

dynamicFriction : float

This property defines the amount of friction applied between surfaces that are moving relative to each-other.

Default value: 0.5

Range: [0, inf]

restitution : float

This property defines the coefficient of restitution, or how bouncy the material is. The coefficient of restitution of two colliding objects is a fractional value representing the ratio of speeds after and before an impact, taken along the line of impact. A coefficient of restitution of 1 is said to collide elastically, while a coefficient of restitution < 1 is said to be inelastic.

Default value: 0.5

Range: [0, 1]

staticFriction : float

This property defines the amount of friction that is applied between surfaces that are not moving lateral to each-other.

Default value: 0.5

Range: [0, inf]

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