XrInputAction QML Type

Maps input actions to corresponding actions. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D.Xr
Since: Qt 6.8


Status: Technical Preview


Detailed Description

Property Documentation

actionId : List<enumeration>

The value associated with the input action.

Holds a List of InputActions Ids, that can be of the following values:

XrInputAction.CustomActionRepresents a custom action with a value of -1.
XrInputAction.Button1PressedIndicates that Button 1 is pressed.
XrInputAction.Button1TouchedIndicates that Button 1 is touched.
XrInputAction.Button2PressedIndicates that Button 2 is pressed.
XrInputAction.Button2TouchedIndicates that Button 2 is touched.
XrInputAction.ButtonMenuPressedIndicates that the menu button is pressed.
XrInputAction.ButtonMenuTouchedIndicates that the menu button is touched.
XrInputAction.ButtonSystemPressedIndicates that the system button is pressed.
XrInputAction.ButtonSystemTouchedIndicates that the system button is touched.
XrInputAction.SqueezeValueRepresents the squeeze value in a controller.
XrInputAction.SqueezeForceRepresents the force of a squeeze action.
XrInputAction.SqueezePressedIndicates that the squeeze action is pressed.
XrInputAction.TriggerValueRepresents the value of the trigger (for example, how much it's pressed).
XrInputAction.TriggerPressedIndicates that the trigger is pressed.
XrInputAction.TriggerTouchedIndicates that the trigger is touched.
XrInputAction.ThumbstickXRepresents the X-axis value of the thumbstick.
XrInputAction.ThumbstickYRepresents the Y-axis value of the thumbstick.
XrInputAction.ThumbstickPressedIndicates that the thumbstick is pressed.
XrInputAction.ThumbstickTouchedIndicates that the thumbstick is touched.
XrInputAction.ThumbrestTouchedIndicates that the thumbrest is touched.
XrInputAction.TrackpadXRepresents the X-axis value of the trackpad.
XrInputAction.TrackpadYRepresents the Y-axis value of the trackpad.
XrInputAction.TrackpadForceRepresents the force applied on the trackpad.
XrInputAction.TrackpadTouchedIndicates that the trackpad is touched.
XrInputAction.TrackpadPressedIndicates that the trackpad is pressed.
XrInputAction.IndexFingerPinchIndicates that the index finger is pinched.
XrInputAction.MiddleFingerPinchIndicates that the middle finger is pinched.
XrInputAction.RingFingerPinchIndicates that the ring finger is pinched.
XrInputAction.LittleFingerPinchIndicates that the little finger is pinched.
XrInputAction.HandTrackingMenuPressIndicates a menu press in hand tracking.
XrInputAction.NumHandActionsRepresents the total number of hand actions.
XrInputAction.NumActionsNumber of actions.

pressed : bool

Indicates whether the input action is currently pressed.

Use this property to check if the input action (for example, a button) is currently pressed.

value : float

The value associated with the input action.

For analog inputs, such as a thumbstick position, this property holds the value of the input (usually in the range [0, 1]).

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