QAndroidAuthorityEntry Class

Used to represent an Intent's data authority. More...

Header: #include <QAndroidAuthorityEntry>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS AndroidAutomotiveBase)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::AndroidAutomotiveBase)
Since: QtAndroidAutomotive 6.5
In QML: authorityEntry


Public Functions

QAndroidAuthorityEntry(const QString &host, const QString &port)
QAndroidAuthorityEntry(const QAndroidAuthorityEntry &other)
QAndroidAuthorityEntry(QAndroidAuthorityEntry &&other)
QString host() const
QString port() const
void setHost(const QString &host)
void setPort(const QString &port)
void swap(QAndroidAuthorityEntry &other)
QAndroidAuthorityEntry &operator=(const QAndroidAuthorityEntry &other)

Detailed Description

This is a data-only representation of a IntentFilter AuthorityEntry object.

It is used by QAndroidIntentFilter to add new intent data authorities to match against incoming intents.

See also QAndroidIntentFilter::dataAuthority and QAndroidIntentFilter::addDataAuthority.

Property Documentation

host : QString

Holds the host of this data authority.

Access functions:

QString host() const
void setHost(const QString &host)

port : QString

Holds the port of this data authority.

Access functions:

QString port() const
void setPort(const QString &port)

Member Function Documentation


Constructs an empty QAndroidAuthorityEntry.

[explicit] QAndroidAuthorityEntry::QAndroidAuthorityEntry(const QString &host, const QString &port)

Constructs a QAndroidAuthorityEntry with host host and port port.

QAndroidAuthorityEntry::QAndroidAuthorityEntry(const QAndroidAuthorityEntry &other)

Copy-constructs a new QAndroidAuthorityEntry instance from other.

QAndroidAuthorityEntry::QAndroidAuthorityEntry(QAndroidAuthorityEntry &&other)

Constructs a new QAndroidAuthorityEntry instance via a move operation from other.

void QAndroidAuthorityEntry::setHost(const QString &host)

Sets the host of this data authority to host.

Note: Setter function for property host.

See also host().

void QAndroidAuthorityEntry::setPort(const QString &port)

Sets the port of this data authority to port.

Note: Setter function for property port.

See also port().

void QAndroidAuthorityEntry::swap(QAndroidAuthorityEntry &other)

Swaps this QAndroidAuthorityEntry instance with other.

QAndroidAuthorityEntry &QAndroidAuthorityEntry::operator=(const QAndroidAuthorityEntry &other)

Assigns the value of the QAndroidAuthorityEntry other to this instance.

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